New year, new me, new show. 

Everyone knows that January is quite a boring month. Christmas is over, the fridge is bare and we're all broke. So what better to do in the spare time that you have after working all that overtime to win back all the dollar you blew over the festive period, than to binge on a new box set. We all love to immerse ourselves into the fantasy world of a thriller or belly laugh our way through a sitcom, it lifts our mood, or if it's a emosh one, then potentially drops our mood. 

So I've gathered together my top 10 best binge-worthy TV shows to get you through this bleak period. (Pre-warning, this is going to be one hell of a mixture)

10.  Safe (Netflix)

I'm going to start with, in my opinion, a quite underrated mystery/drama that debuted on Netflix back in May 2018. It's based on a widowed father to 2 daughters, and when his 16 year old daughter doesn't return home from a party, he searches the streets of Manchester and uncovers clues on his laptop that could put the pieces of the puzzle together.

It's a series that's filled with twists and turns, and a unsuspecting revelation at the end. With only 8 episodes at around 45 minutes each, it's a perfect 1-2 day binge that will have you hooked 'till the end.

9. Absolutely Fabulous (BBC One/BBC Two)

A lot of the younger generation today may not have heard of this multi-award winning sitcom which stars Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley. It debuted back in 1992 and ended its original series in 1996, with the revived series airing from 2001 to 2004 and the 20th anniversary specials airing from 2011 to 2012. The sitcom has also spawned a film which was released in 2016 and made over $30 million in the box office.

The 5 series can be streamed on Netflix and is a real classic sitcom that will lift your mood in no time.

8. Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix)

Another sitcom (there'll be quite a few), but this one is quite different to Absolutely Fabulous, as it is based on a couple, who are real estate agents, and then suddenly Sheila (Drew Barrymore) has a physical transformation into a zombie and starts craving human flesh. As you can tell, this is more of a horror-comedy and not one for the faint-hearted or squeamish. It premiered back in February 2017, and has since spawned 2 seasons, with a third to come later this year.

There are 10 episodes per season, and they are all available on Netflix. Be warned, it may be a comedy, but they don't hold back on the blood and gore...

7.    Riverdale (Netflix)

Probably one of the most popular teen-mystery dramas since the finale of 'Pretty Little Liars' (which is another good binge if I do say so myself). Riverdale debuted back in January 2017 and quickly grabbed the attention of the world as the next big teen show. Based on the characters of Archie Comics, it follows a group of friends who uncover the hidden mysteries behind the town of Riverdale's seemingly perfect mask.

2 and half seasons later, it has racked up a huge fan base, and won a multitude of awards including Teen Choice, People's Choice and even an MTV Movie & TV award. For anybody who was obsessed and addicted to Pretty Little Liars, this is the perfect show to carry on that addiction.

6. Love Island (ITV2)

The show that completely impacted our summers, and allowed us to cancel the plans with the colleagues that we secretly don't like, yet have to be civil with.

Basically about a group of single, young men and women, who apply to live in a villa in the heart of Spain, secluded from the outside world for around 8 weeks, trying to find 'the one'. With the public being aloud to vote them off and send new people in, it really is the trashy, incredible TV, that we really need at this time.

So far, there have been 4 seasons, with the first 2 available on Netflix and the fourth available on the ITV Hub. However, unfortunately, season 3 has disappeared into thin air, but no fear, later this year when it returns, you'll soon be hooked and forget about the loss of previous seasons.

5. Friday Night Dinner (Channel 4)

Fan of The Inbetweeners? Well you'll be pleased to know that Simon Bird (Will) is starring in the sitcom Friday Night Dinner on Channel 4. All about a Jewish family living in London, following their tradition of Friday night dinner. With each episode a different night and not everything going to plan (you'll have to watch to find out), this series is definitely one for fans of a laugh out loud sitcom.

The series began in February 2011, with 5 seasons aired to date and a sixth to come later this year, and all series are available on All 4 (Channel 4 catch-up).

4. Our Girl (BBC One)

In my opinion, Michelle Keegan is one of the best actresses today, and she doesn't shy away from the action when she portrays army medic Georgie Lane in BBC One's Our Girl. When the series first started back in 2014, it was first headed by Lacey Turner (Stacey in EastEnders), and then Michelle Keegan soon took over the lead role and instantly won over the nation.

This series is full of action, drama, humour, heart-racing scenes, and is a must watch is you want to be constantly glued to the screen. All 24 episodes over 4 series are available on BBC iPlayer. Trust me, you won't regret it.

3. YOU (Netflix)

A quite recent addition to Netflix, but one that has been watched instantly by millions of viewers. This psychological thriller is based on a bookshop worker Joe becoming obsessed with a girl called 'Beck', and going to any lengths, even stalking her and murder, to bag his dream girl.

It debuted on Netflix on 26th December 2018 and is definitely an addictive watch, with 10 episodes in season 1 and a second season being commissioned instantly. However, after watching even the first episode, you may be suede to delete all your social media...don't say I didn't warn you.

2. The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix)

THIS. I mean words can't explain how incredible this series is. When it first came out, I was pretty hesitant to watch, in case it made me want to sleep with my eyes open (it did...oops), but even after the first 10 minutes, I was completely invested. I'm normally very picky when it comes to watching a new show, but this had me HOOKED (at that's very rare).

It's based on a family who, in 1992, move into Hill House so they can renovate it, sell it and build their own home. However, with timings not right, they have to stay longer and start experiencing paranormal activity that results in a tragic loss and the family having to leave. 26 years later, the family reunite and have to confront the daemons that faced them during the time in the house.

It debuted back in October last year, and all episodes are available on Netflix. And I'd recommend strongly to sleep with your light on after watching, you'll see why...

1. Luther (BBC One)

My Number 1! Luther. Even though this show has been on TV for 9 years already, I only jumped onto the bandwagon a few weeks ago, after the news that a fifth series was going to arrive. And I tell you what, I don't know what I was doing with my life in them 9 years, and how I didn't start watching it sooner. 

Idris Elba portrays Detective Chief Inspector John Luther in the gripping and heart-stopping psychological crime drama. It involves a number of series killers roaming the streets of London, with Luther and his team doing everything they can to stop the number of murders rising. And even the murders could be too close to home for Luther (you'll have to watch to find out), with friends and family being thrown into the deep end.

The first 4 series are available on Netflix and BBC iPlayer and the recently concluded fifth series is available on BBC iPlayer. 

WATCH IT. That's all I have to say.

And there we are, my top 10 shows to binge watch this new year. A real mixture of reality, comedy, horror, thriller and mystery. I hope these shows fill those days off where all you want to do is sink into your sofa and stuff your face with anything that's left over from Christmas. But try not to eh, those new years resolutions will go down the drain...      

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