Well, here we are, it's that time of the month again where I share all my fave songs/albums that were released in the past month, woo.

So, I'm not gonna go on anymore, let's see what my faves were...

(Little heads up, there's quite a few this month!)

Alrightly then, first up we have 1/5 of one of the biggest girl groups to come out of America (Fifth Harmony if you didn't already guess), and she's FINALLY released her debut single. This is Ally Brooke with 'Low Key' featuring Tyga.

I'm going to be honest, I'm ever so slightly cheating on this one, because as you'd know, this is all my fave music that was released in February, but this was actually released on 31st January, so only a day off, but I'm gonna go with it. Technically it was released in February in the UK lol.

Anyway, one thing I've noticed with all the Fifth Harmony girls going solo, is that they've all gone down completely different routes and have completely different sounds, which I really like, and they all really suit their chosen sound, as I feel like in Fifth Harmony, they were kind of going down the generic 'girl group' vibe and not showing off their individual sides and styles.

However, this song is a mellow bop, that is very catchy, and will most likely be stuck in your head all day (in a good way).

Give it a listen →Ally Brooke - Low Key (feat. Tyga) [Official Music Video]

Ok, next up, this is the moment we've all been waiting for...


I can't describe my excitement now that Ariana Grande's 'thank u, next' album is in our hands. The anticipation and the build up was genuinely killing me.

On the day, I was going to wait a few hours until I had a decent amount of time to sit down and properly listen to it, but me being me, I wasn't gonna bloody wait was I?! So there's me laying in bed at 7am needing to get up for college, but quickly going through the tracks to see how the album pans out. And I can safely say, this is one of her best albums ever, and much better than sweetener (don't come for me, god is a women is still pure gold alright).

What I was worried about, is the album not living up the singles released prior. For example, with sweetener, 'no tears left to cry', 'the light is coming' and 'god is a woman' were all released before the album and sort of brought my hopes up and got me excited for the album. However, when it was released, it didn't live up to expectations and I was quite disappointed. So, with Ariana releasing record breaking singles such as 'thank u, next' and '7 rings', bloody hell did I have have very high expectations for this album, and it (thankfully) lived up to them.

I'm not going to go too in-depth with the album, otherwise we'll be here forever, but if you haven't listened to it yet, 1) what are you doing?? and 2) my faves are (obvs thank u, next, imagine and 7 rings) bloodline, fake smile, bad idea, in my head and break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored. You won't be disappointed, I promise.

Give it a listen →Ariana Grande - thank u, next (Album Playlist)

It's been nearly 3 years since Meghan Trainor released her second album 'Thank You' and it's been quite the 3 years. She's had another round of vocal cord surgery and well, got married! Who remembers the old Meghan with songs such as 'Dear Future Husband' and 'NO', and would constantly tell guys to get lost?! Well it's all changed now with the release of her new EP 'The Love Train'...

Featuring 6 new songs, basically all about being married, in love and your life being like a fairy tale (seriously can't relate). In all seriousness, the EP is proper classic Meghan Trainor, like the 'Title' era Meghan, which we all know and love. My faves on the EP are 'All The Ways', 'After You' and 'Foolish', would highly recommend them to be honest. 

I'm still curious if she will ever actually release her third album though? 'Treat Myself' was meant to be released sometime at the end of August last year, then got pushed back to January this year, and then got taken off completely, talk about keeping her fans on their toes. Lets hope she does eh, can't tease us with an album then take it away?!

Next up, this collab was teased with pictures for quite a few months, and I was VERY curious into how it was going to sound. Zedd is best known for his tunes such as 'Stay' with Alessia Cara and 'The Middle' with Maren Morris & Grey (fun fact, Anne Marie and Demi Lovato both recorded vocals for that song but never got the cut lol), mainly club and dance anthems. So when it was announced that Katy Perry was going to be on a song, I was slightly taken aback. 

This is '365', and as a lot of people have already said, one of the most catchiest songs ever. Seriously, even when I only heard a snippet of it, it was already etched into my brain, but in a good way obviously, because it's such a good song. Quite different for Zedd though, like I said before he's most known for the club and dance anthems, but this song is a lot more stripped back. The song is basically about a person being on someone's mind 24/7 and '365' days a year, and a song that you'll learn the lyrics to in no time.

This is a song that was released on Valentines Day (internally cringes) but has quite the opposite message about it. This is Years & Years featuring MNEK 'Valentino'.

Yes, before you ask the questions, this is their 'Palo Santo' album cover which was released back in July last year. However, I think they've re-released it, as on Spotify the original one has been replaced by one that includes 'Play', their collab with Jax Jones and the new song 'Valentino', and also says that the album was released on 14th Feb 2019, which it clearly wasn't lol.

Anyway, back to 'Valentino', a song that I had completely no idea was coming, and in all honesty, I'm glad did. It's a track that I'm sure everyone can relate to in some aspects, and quite ironic that it was released on Valentines, because the overall message isn't about all the 'lovey dovey' romantic crap that happens on Valentines, it's quite the opposite. It's all about liking someone that is very popular and gets around, and at the start, when you meet them, it all feels incredible and magical, and then you end up with a broken heart. If you've been it that situation, I'd highly recommend listening to it, relatable af.

Give it a listen →Years & Years, MNEK - Valentino

Alright, this next one is an absolute banger, and the lead single to her second album (anyone else absolutely buzzing?!). She's had insane hits such as 'Meant To Be', 'I'm A Mess' (urgh relatable) and 'In The Name of Love', but now Bebe Rexha has released 'Last Hurrah', which once again, everyone on the entire planet can relate to in some way.

First of all, it's only 2 minutes and 30 seconds, BIT SHORT BEBE. Anyway, in all honesty, this is one of the best songs she's ever done. It's all about the bad habits we keep going back to, and then finally saying after one last go, we're done.

I do want to mention about the music video for this song, because it's been slated in the press a lot for the contents of it, and the meanings behind it, and Bebe even posted a screenshot on her insta stories, which was a message from her dad who, gonna keep it light, said that he wasn't happy with how she is expressing herself (which she has since deleted). In my opinion, she can do whatever she wants to do, sing about what she wants, make music videos about what she wants, because she's the artist and she's in control. I don't get why they'd hate on her, if you don't like the song or the video, don't watch it or listen to it, it's simple.

Anyway, I love the song, it's a banger, end of story.

As the music video is quite out there, the link is the lyric video. But obvs if you wanna watch the video, just go ahead and search it. 

Ok, last but certainly not least, Rak Su just released a new EP 'Rome'. It's been just over a year since they won The X Factor, and in my opinion they've not had the success that I thought they would.

They were probably the most talked about and hyped act on The X Factor (excluding Honey G lol), as each week they'd perform original songs that everybody fell in love with, and would go on to break the iTunes chart. However, I feel like they've lost their spark a little since their win. 

My reasoning for this is because, when they won X Factor, their winners single 'Dimelo', which was an original from them, reached number 2 on the official charts, which was the highest charting winners single since Ben Haenow in 2014. So they were doing pretty good right? Well, their next release was 'Pyro Ting', which technically wasn't a single, they just released it to celebrate going on tour with Little Mix. As much as it is a good song, it didn't chart at all. Then came their proper debut single 'I Want You To Freak', which I love btw. This was released at the end of September last year, debuted at number 58, then went on to peak at number 39. Which, if I'm honest, isn't the best.

I'm quite disappointed that they didn't carry on their success they had on X Factor (probably because of their crap label Syco) because we really don't have an act like them in the music industry at the moment, so I had expectations that they were going to be huge. 

However, the EP (which is the reason we're here, sorry) is pretty good. It features 4 new tracks, 'Into It', 'Thunder', 'Stick Around' and 'Blood Ties'. Out of them 4, my fave is 'Thunder', so goooooood. I'm gonna be honest, for some reason I feel like this EP has come out of nowhere and is kind of thrown together, probably because their label was getting frustrated and told them they need to release something quick (bloody Syco).

They have yet to release a debut album, which probably won't happen at this rate (but I hope it does).

Give it a listen →Rak Su - Rome (EP Playlist)

Well, there we are, all my fave songs/albums from February. It's been quite the month, and a lot of music I liked, so if you've read this far, congratulations!

In March, there is going to be releases from the likes of Ellie Goulding and Louis Tomlinson, so keep your eyes peeled for my faves of March!

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