Skin is so temperamental. Doesn't know whether it's coming or going. One day you'll have near to perfect, spot free skin. The next, they'll be cropping up left, right and centre.

It can be pretty hard sometimes, when it all gets out of control and you feel lost into how to manage and care for your skin if you can't seem to calm it down. So here I'm going to share my simple, hopefully effective, ways to how I've managed my spot prone skin. They've all seem to worked for me so far, so hopefully they work for you.

1. Refrain from touching your face as much as possible.

We don't even think about it, do we?!

We'll just be going about our day scratching, wiping, touching our face without even noticing or thinking about doing it. But what we don't sometimes realise is that we're actually transferring so much dirt from our hands to our face when we do that, from everything we've touched throughout the day. Which is one of the reasons spots keep popping up everywhere even though we think that we've done everything we can to keep them at bay.

I know it's hard to not touch your face, and probably impossible from not doing it all day. What I'd suggest is that, if you're out and about, wear gloves. Obviously if it's like 30 degrees outside, that's not the best idea, but it will keep you from touching your face and stop you transferring all the grossness from your hands, or just simply carry around an antibacterial hand gel, either or.

Another suggestion is to keep your hands occupied. Sounds odd and slightly wrong, but does work. If your waiting for something e.g. a bus or are just hanging around somewhere, play a game on your phone, scroll through social media. This'll be the one time where it's actually good to go on your phone, because your hands are occupied and you won't be touching your face, bingo.

2. Wash your face once, if not twice a day.

It seems like such a simple task, but could have not the best consequences if you don't complete it.

Be honest, there's been a few times where you couldn't be bothered, or your too tired and you've forgotten to wash your face. We've all been there.

However, from not washing your face, you're allowing all the dirt and oil to continue to live on your skin for longer and block your pores, subsequently producing spots.

Personally, I was my face while I'm in the shower so that I, basically, don't forget. I only do it once a day though, even though I've read and seen a few things that say you should do it twice. Pah, who has the time for two, once is fine for me. But obviously if you do have the time to do it twice, that's probably the best option.

3. Use a spot gel as often as possible.

Something I've been using for a little while now, and seriously will be using forever, is a spot gel. This is a product that you apply after washing/cleansing your face, straight onto your spots. Different types/brands work differently, but they most likely will say that it'll reduce spots and redness within a certain amount of time. And in my experience, THEY WORK.

One I'm very loyal to at the moment, is the Freederm 'Fast Track' spot gel. Which can be proven, because I also featured this product in my 'Struggles of Teen Skin' post about 2 months ago.

It's amazing. Once applied, you can feel it working instantly, and you notice the spots size and redness reduce after a few hours. I'll link it below if you fancy purchasing, I would highly recommend.

And if you haven't tried a spot gel at all before, I would obviously recommend because it will really change up and improve your skin and skincare routine.

Freederm Fast Track Spot Gel

4. Use a specific spot fighting face wash/scrub.

Obviously use the face wash that works for you, but I'd recommend, if you're really struggling with spots/blemishes and your skin, is to use a specific spot fighting face wash or scrub, because they're the ones that will have the most impact.

There are TONS of different varieties of spot fighting products on the market nowadays, so it's hard to find the one that's best for you and you might end up wasting a lot of money constantly buying new products. But if your skin needs it, it's worth it. You may just have to deal with the fact that your bank account may hate you for a while.

Like my spot gel, I'm going to recommend the same face wash that I featured in my 'Struggles of Teen Skin' post, as it has made a very positive impact on my skin and I've used and re-purchased it for quite a while.

This is the Clean and Clear 'Deep Action' cream wash. 2 brands I'm quite loyal to are Clean and Clear and Loreal Men Expert, but I've been using this specific face wash for some time and it has been the best I've tried so far. So if you fancy buying, I'll link it below.

Clean and Clear Deep Action Cream Wash

5. If all else fails, visit a dermatologist.

Sounds sinister, but could be worth the while.

If you've been struggling with your skin for some time, and you tried basically every product out there, but your skin doesn't seem to be budging, I'd recommend going to talk to a dermatologist. This was something I was debating doing for a little while, before I found products that finally worked for me.

All you need to do is go, tell them what you've tried and the struggles you've had with your skin, and they'll hopefully recommend something to suit you.

I've linked below a couple of websites to find your nearest dermatologist services and some information about what they do.

Find Your Nearest Dermatologist Services

Facts/Myths About Skincare

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