Me again, back with my third instalment of my 'best in music' series. If I'm honest, I didn't think I'd get past the first month, so to be on to my third is quite an achievement for me.

Anyway, March was once again a HECTIC month for music, with albums and singles being released left right and centre, it was quite overwhelming tbh.

So sit back, relax and let's see what my ears loved this month...

James Arthur has been slowly giving us a taste of his third album with songs such as 'Naked' and 'Empty Space', now he's back with an EPIC collab with Danish DJ and record producer Martin Jensen called 'Nobody'.

I will say that the start of the song sounds EXACTLY like Rita Ora 'Let You Love Me', which I've seen a lot of people comment about. But honestly, I'm not at all bothered, if the song sounds good and all goes together, that's whats most important for me.

I feel like this song is so underrated and has not had the success that I thought it would've, in just over a month it has surpassed about 15 million streams, not too bad really, but has only peaked at number 73 on the charts as I write this, so fingers crossed it climbs...

Give it a listen →Martin Jensen, James Arthur - Nobody (Official Music Video)

So, we all know 'Sweet But Psycho' yeah? Maybe at little too much now if I'm honest. However, American breakout artist Ava Max released her new single this March titled 'So Am I', and it's quite the special one.

She kind of came out of nowhere, in my opinion. One day, I don't have a clue who she is, the next, I'm constantly hearing 'Sweet But Psycho' on the radio and having it drilled into my brain. A lot of people have branded her the new 'Lady Gaga', which I can kinda see where they're coming from, but no one will ever replace Gaga that easily.

Her new single, she quotes, is for all her 'misfits' and people who feel like they don't fit in a crowd and are a bit different. A type of song that I've not heard a lot of artists do before, so Ava Max is really coming into her own.

The success she has had in such a short amount of time is phenomenal, after 'Sweet But Psycho' broke out, it achieved over 400 million streams and reached number 1 in 17 countries and top 20 in the US. Her newest single 'So Am I' has so far reached the top 10 in 6 countries and the top 20 in the UK.

Give it a listen →Ava Max - So Am I [Official Music Video]

Alright, so my next fave is a MEGA collaboration between 3 fierce female artists. Comprising of Mexican singer Sofia Reyes, Brazilian singer Anitta and the UK's very own Rita Ora, this is 'R.I.P'.

Bit weird that Rita Ora has now appeared on two songs called 'R.I.P', her debut single 7 years ago and now this, could there be a third?

Anyway, this Latin bop is all about living a bullshit free life, and basically killing it all off, which I think is definitely something we need in today's society. She teased the song back in February, and I was intrigued to hear how this song would sound between the 3 of them. But I can safely say it works perfectly, and the song, once again, deserves more recognition, what is going on?

No major chart success just yet, but only time will tell...

Give it a listen →Sofia Reyes - R.I.P (feat. Rita Ora & Anitta)[OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

After the success of 'Ruin My Life' at the end of last year, Swedish singing sensation Zara Larsson has released her second single off of her upcoming third album, 'Don't Worry Bout Me'.

I love the way she announced this single, as she tweeted a week before the release saying 'Don't worry bout me next week', and the amount of jokes that fans made out of this was hilarious. Although, some fans did genuinely think that Zara was saying to not worry about her next week, bit weird.

However, this song has been teased and teased and teased and teased, constant exclusive performances of it and tweets about it, and the hype was huge. Then there was the whole situation where Zara explained that her record label didn't like the song, erm, are they ok? Anyway, she got her way and now it's here.

Slightly different to what Zara has done in the past and what I was expecting, but I'm excited to here the whole of her third album now, times ticking...

Give it a listen →Zara Larsson - Don't Worry Bout Me (Audio)


It's not been too long since the release of her seventh album 'Beautiful Trauma' which was released back in October 2017, now she's back with a new single 'Hustle'.

Her eighth album (pictured above) 'Hurts 2B Human' is out on April 26th but, her new song 'Hustle' is a BOP.

It's all about telling people to not f*** with you and leave you to do you, which is something we ALL need at some point. I can't explain the feeling I felt when I heard the song for the first time, I didn't even know it was coming, I just saw it on iTunes, then BAM, I'm hooked.

I seriously can't wait for her new album to be released in 3 weeks time, from 'Walk Me Home' to 'Hustle', I have a feeling I'm going to love this record. So if I do, I will be sure to add it into my best in music for April post, so keep your eyes peeled...

Give it a listen →P!nk - Hustle (Lyric Video)

Next up, this is an artist that I've seen crop up in some songs here and there, but I've never took the time to listen to her own stuff. Until now...This is Becky Hill & Weiss with 'I Could Get Use To This'.

She's best known for featuring on tracks by Oliver Heldens and Jonas Blue & MK, but now she's the main artist. Her voice is so unique and not like any other female artist I've heard before, I'd say it's sort of a mix between Dua Lipa and Rihanna, 2 of the most powerful female voices in the industry, so erm, no pressure there.

This track is a big dance/club anthem about getting use to all the things that come with a relationship, and I'd so recommend it, proper feel good one here.

Last, but CERTAINLY not least, she's back! Yes, one year after 'YES' and her collab with OneBit 'Between You and Me', Louisa returns to feature on Sigma's new single 'Here We Go Again'.

This took me by surprise A LOT, as I had no idea that it was actually coming, then there's my scrolling through the 'New Music Friday playlist on Spotify, and there it was. Neither Louisa or Sigma hinted about it or told their fans about it on their social media, so nobody really had any idea it was coming. But I'm glad it's here.

Louisa still hasn't released a debut album after winning The X Factor back in 2015, she's sort of been releasing a single here and there and featuring on a lot of tracks, she's teasing us ever so slightly and I need an album ASAP.

Anyway, this new song is about the regrets of going out, being broke and all the feeling that we get every weekend, but just can't give up. So I'm sure a lot of us can relate to this song in some way, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for new music and possiblyyyyy an album from Louisa soon...

Well, there we are, all my fave music from March. There was quite a bit this month, and I'm sure they'll be a lot more to come in April, so watch out for next months post...

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