Month 4, still going strong. However, this month, not a lot tickled my fancy if I'm honest, there were quite a few releases, but not a lot that wowed me.

What a positive start to this post eh lol, moving onto the music I DID like this month, and woah were there some bangers, you ready?...

I have to start with the comeback queen. This woman has been through the wars and somehow seems to do a pretty successful comeback each time. This is her first bit of new music in 3 years, and what a tune it is...

Tulisa has had a rocky solo career, from success with 'Young' and being a judge on The X Factor for 2 years, to THAT court case, not a lot of people would've come out the other side. But she did and she's still here.

I literally only found out about her comeback and this song from Rylan on Twitter the day before it was gonna be released, and I freaked. Just for the fact that it was so unexpected and I had no clue that she was coming back, but I'm glad she did.

The cover art and title spoke a thousand words about what this song was going to sound like and be based on. I mean, could 'Daddy' be about anything else, unless you have the most innocent mind on the planet, we all thought the same thing, don't deny it.

Anyway, the songs a BOP, it deserves huge success and I hope that an album or some sort of single run is coming because with this new sound, we NEED IT.

Give it a listen →Tulisa - Daddy (Official Music Video)

It's been nearly 4 years since Ellie Goulding released her last album 'Delirium', and over the last 3 years she's been giving us a lot of clues as to what her next album will sound like, and I'm very intrigued...

On 12th April, 'Sixteen' was released as the third single from her upcoming album, being succeeded by 'Close To Me' and 'Flux'. Personal opinion, and don't come for me on this, but 'sixteen' is so far the only song I've liked from the taste of her third album. For some reason, both 'close to me' and 'flux' just didn't cut it. I'm prepared for all Ellie Goulding fans to sharpen their pitch forks and hunt me down, but that's just me.

On a positive note, being 16, I feel like I can relate and connect to this song, apart from the line "do you remember when we moved out", because I ain't going anywhere anytime soon lol. It's a upbeat, club sound, very uplifting and a song I can imagine being blasted out of a car, full of teenagers on a road trip, or is that just me?

Give it a listen →Ellie Goulding - Sixteen

Unfortunately, I wasn't a kid that was interested in Pokemon, I will admit that. I don't think I even knew what it was when I was younger if I'm honest. I think I played 'Pokemon GO' for about 5 minutes a couple of years ago, when it was the craze. Now though, with the new Pokemon movie just being released, Kygo and Rita Ora have teamed up on 'Carry On', a perfect summer anthem...

I'm not really a movie kinda guy, so honestly, I'm not that interested in the film or interested in going to see it if I'm honest, the soundtrack is what I'm most interested in lol. I've not listened to the soundtrack yet, is there even one? Who knows, if there is, I wanna hear it.

Kygo is known for his mellow bops, emotional bops, any type of slow club bop, if you want. So to team up with Rita Ora, who has one of the most powerful voices today, is a real treat. However, fun fact, Charlie Puth was the original artist to feature on this song and when the first snippet came out last September. Then Rita Ora stepped in and, no offence to Charlie Puth fans, but Rita's voice does sound a lot better on the track. But Charlie's vocals are in the background and part of the beat. Well, you learn sommet new everyday.

Give it a listen →Kygo, Rita Ora - Carry On (Official Video)

Last, but certainly not least, one of the queen's of pop is back, not too long after her seventh album 'Beautiful Trauma', with her EIGHTH, yes eighth album 'Hurts 2B Human'. And I have pretty mixed thoughts...

Released on 20th February, was the lead single from the album 'Walk Me Home', and in my opinion, it wasn't as good as 'What About Us' from the last era. Just because I thought (with the album title being hurts to be human) she'd have some sort of emotional power ballad to lead the album, but it's an alright song overall.

Then in March came 'Hustle'. Now, I included it in last months 'best in music' post and my god is it a TUNE, and a proper feel good anthem. That song really set my hopes high for the rest of the album and that it was gonna be full of self love bops and F yous to the world. Then with the release of 'Can We Pretend', a collab with American electronic group Cash Cash, just had my expectations sky rocket. The song is very different to what we're used to with Pink, as it's a proper club/dance anthem that you can shout from the rooftops. So that surprised me a bit.

Now to the actual album tracks. I'm gonna be honest, for some reason I feel like she's rushed this album. Maybe because her record label told her to or she wanted to release something, I don't know what it is. On the other hand, some tracks did catch my attention. '(Hey Why) Miss You Sometime' and 'Courage' are the two that caught my ears attention. Two different types of songs, but two pretty relatable ones, which is something Pink does best. She always makes tunes that can relate to everyone in some way.

Overall, I'd probably rate the album a 6/10. Not her best, but certainly not bad. I'm now excited to hear what she makes next, and what wild road she'll go down next time.

Give it a listen →P!nk - Hurts 2B Human (Album Playlist)

Round 4 done. A little smaller than usual, but I guess I was quite picky this month. I know that in May, Shawn Mendes is releasing a new single called 'If I Can't Have You', and oh boy am I ready to hear this. Look out for my best in music for May post to see if I liked it (fingers crossed).

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