I can’t get my head around the fact that it has been a YEAR since I did my GCSEs. The time has gone so quick, too quick in fact. And now I’m seeing all todays year 11s going through what I went through last year, and I’m gonna be honest, it’s a great feeling to know that you don’t have to go through it all again (sorry not sorry).

So for all you doing your GCSEs within literally a couple of days, I’m going to share some last minute revision tips that will genuinely help you do relatively (said lightly) well in the exams.


I know, I know, we all love a colourful revision resource that’s pleasing to stare at for hours, but does it genuinely help? We all spend too much time writing, highlighting and making everything look perfect, when in reality, it’s most likely going to end up in the bin a few weeks. 

So cut back on the colour (never thought I’d say that), focus on learning the contents and not making it look like Picasso :) 


When making whatever revision source you’ve decided works best for you, don’t try cramming every single little part of that topic in one section. Coz it ain’t gonna help.

You’ll end up with tons of words on one page, and your brain will go “is that a joke, not happening” because it will become too overwhelming, and you won’t be motivated to read it all. Only write the very key points and bits of information that will get you the marks in the exam, the rest is basically taking up all the room, and doesn’t need to be there.

Take this from someone who is scared they’ll miss out on sommet if they don’t write every single piece of information on their revision cards. I’d always say to myself “well, I might need that” or “it’s good to have every bit of info down”, when in reality it’s not. Your welcome.


I know the stress of exam season and having every teacher on your back counting down the days and making you internally stress the F out. It’s not helpful, but that’s what teachers like to do, put the pressure on for you to get the grades, because they want a pay rise (yep, it’s true).

Just for this time (not all the time), don’t listen to the pressure from the teachers, go at your own pace. Because your mental health should be your ultimate priority, because honestly, you’re gonna need your brain at it’s best for the actual exam.

Take regular breaks. Don’t constantly think you have to revise, revise, revise, because you’ll burn yourself out and like me, have an internal breakdown. But we can avoid that. I’m not going to recommend a certain schedule because everyone works at different paces and can do a different amount of work in different times. So what I will say is, make your own personal schedule of when and what your going to revise, and when you’ll take a break.

It’s important to reward yourself aswell. I’m not talking go a spend hundreds of pounds on clothes when your write a decent sentence, I mean that would be great, but it ain't practical. Small rewards like food or something you’ve put off because of exam season, whenever you write a certain amount of words or answer a certain amount of questions.


Ok I may have over exaggerated when I say they are a 'god send', but they are probably the most useful and effective ways of revising. I can't explain how many times I've been recommended practice questions as revision, I feel like teachers have a script that they say to every student, because if I had a pound for every time I heard them two words. Wow. I'd be rich.

In all seriousness, they do work, take it from somebody who'll try every revision strategy going, because honestly, I haven't found what works for me yet (shhhh). They give you a head start in the sense that you'll have an idea of the types of questions you'll answer in the actual exam, and it's a good way of practising recalling information so it'll stick in your brain. Bam, exam pro in no time. Just make sure you answer questions on the right topic, right level and right exam board, otherwise you've just wasted precious time, no pressure :)


Sounds simple and kinda logic, but a mistake people make quite often. Don't get me wrong, we have to revise everything that could be on the exam. But there's no point going over something you feel confident about and are able to recall quicker than a teacher saying "practice questions".

Obviously don't completely neglect the topics you're confident about, because it's always handy to refresh your memory at some point, but don't put your heart and soul into them. Put three quarters of your heart and soul into topics that you couldn't give one fact about even if your life depended on it, then the last quarter into the ones etched into your brain.

I understand the motivation to revise the topics you wish you could forget about is not very high, believe me, it wasn't very high for me. But seriously, when you understand it even just in the slightest, it gives you the best feeling. Knowing that you actually understood it for a couple of minutes and then you start second guessing yourself if you've actually done it right. Try not to second guess yourself, otherwise you'll end up scrapping all your work that you've put your actual blood, sweat and tears into. Bloody hell paper cuts hurt don't they?!


Nobody can ask anymore of you. You're not Einstein and don't have the brain that can hold an encyclopaedia. Some people do and I ain't jealous because I did what some people will call 'ok' in my GCSEs, but what I would call incredible (I got 1 B, 5 Cs and 3 Ds) because I DID MY BEST, and honestly I cried of happiness when I opened my envelope knowing that I actually passed maths. It was a genuine miracle.

So go out there, do your best, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Because you can only produce what you're capable of, not what people say you have to do.


  1. I agree with all of these! I found flashcards the most effective for me when I was revising!


    1. 100%, flashcards are probably the only thing that helped me understand it all haha

  2. I agree with all of these! I found flashcards the most effective for me when I was revising!


  3. Those are some good basic helpful tips! Thank you! I'm leaving my info on your Twitter and that way you can reciprocate!!
    Thanks 💄👠