Be honest, how high is your motivation to revise right now? Pretty low? Thought so.

There's kind of been mixed opinions around whether music is actually beneficial to revision, some people saying they can't revise without it, and some saying it's total crap.

In my opinion, however, I feel as though you should do what's best for you. If music helps your stress levels, if it makes the time go quicker and focuses you more, then go ahead, what's stopping you.

So I've put together a playlist with what I think are the perfect songs to get you in the zone, in the books and most importantly, out of stress.

Don't worry, I'm not gonna go through each and every song otherwise this would a) turn into a novel and b) you'd most likely get bored by song 5. So that's why this post is a bit shorter than normal because I want the main focus to be on the music and not what I say about it lol.

The playlist will be linked at the end, so go, enjoy and I hope that it helps in some way to get you focused and motivated.

Heads up - some of the songs are a bit emosh so erm, maybe skip them if you don't want to end up balling your eyes out over your revision.

Listen to the playlist →when i need to revise (spotify)

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