Y'alright, been a while. These 4 weeks have probably been the busiest weeks of my life, not even exaggerating. But I'm FINALLY on my 2 month summer holiday and ready to erase the thought of college out my brain for the next 8 weeks (until I get constant emails from my teachers urgh).

Anyway, I'm back and ready to hit you with my fave music from June. This month has been as equally as busy as May, with some summer tunes, and a surprise collab given to us.

I'm gonna start off with the artist that I would describe as one of the most powerful breakout female artists to come out of the UK. It's Mabel (if you didn't already guess) and on 7th June she released the follow up to her global hit 'Don't Call Me Up', this is 'Mad Love'.

I'm not gonna lie, after the success of 'Don't Call Me Up', I had very high expectations (get the pun eh) for what she was gonna release next. But this definitely didn't disappoint. 

The vibe is very much a Mabel vibe, which I'm so into, and the lyrics are something else. You've heard songs that talk about female empowerment and the woman being in control. Well, after you listen to this, men are gonna be shaking. She confidently explains to her man to "not let her down" when giving her "mad love", the next man to come into her life better watch out.

Album wise, IT'S COMING PEOPLE. She announced it a month or so ago, and originally said that it was gonna be released on 12th July, which is next Friday. Well, a couple of weeks later she changed it to 2nd August, which I ain't mad about (I am), but I'd rather it be perfect than rushed. This is just raising my expectations even higher (loving the puns).

Give it a listen →Mabel - Mad Love   

It's been a hot minute since we've had new music from the girls, but our patience has paid off, and over the last few weeks there's been non stop teasing of their new single 'Bounce Back' and it's finally arrived...

It's been quite the few months for the group, they parted ways with their label 'Syco' just before the release of their fifth album. They've now signed with RCA (sill part of the Sony family), and the effort the label has made for them is 10x better than what Syco did.

On the day of release for this single, they were on 'Capital Breakfast', 'Heart', 'Radio 1', performed on 'The One Show' and appeared on 'Celebrity Gogglebox', if that's not good promo, I don't know what is. 

However, the question that's on everyone's minds now that they've released a new single is, "is there gonna be a new album?". It's only been 7 months since the release of 'LM5' but who knows, maybe they'll do what Ariana Grande did when she released her 'thank u, next' album 6 months after 'Sweetener'. Although, from a recent interview on the Capital FM breakfast show, they didn't necessarily confirm a new album, but they said that if there ended up being a body of work, then who knows, there could potentially be a new one soon. Let's hope eh?

I swear, Meghan loves to tease her fans with new music and then release it in drips and drabs, we're still waiting on this album please. Anyway, she recently teamed up with American DJ and record producer, Kaskade on a new track 'With You'.

Meghan is no stranger to a collab, she's worked with artists such as Charlie Puth, John Legend, Sigala, CNCO, the list goes on. But I've rarely ever heard her on a proper dance/club anthem, which this turned out to be.

Honestly, never heard of Kaskade before, but this is a banger. I do this a lot, whenever one of my fave artists collabs with a DJ I've never heard of, I instantly go through their other songs and become hooked. Did it with Louisa and DJs 'Kream', now with Meghan Trainor and 'Kasakade', who's next then...

I have to admit, I'd love to hear Meghan on more club/dance anthems, they suit her voice very well, and it'd be great to see her try a new style of music, fingers crossed eh..

Does Zara Larsson ever have a bad song? No is the answer to that. She constantly releases bop after bop, Lush Life, Ain't My Fault, I Would Like, Ruin My Life, she just doesn't stop. She's now back with the third taste of her upcoming second album, this is 'All The Time'.

Zara's definitely the one to sing her new material on her tours and then release it soon after, which is what she did with this one. On her latest tour, she introduced this to her thousand of fans who dedicated their time to support their fave artist, giving them a first listen before she decided to release it into the world.

This single's quite different, in my opinion, it's a very uplifting/positive beat that is contrasted with the lyrics being about trying to forget about someone you've become obsessed with, which isn't very uplifting or positive tbh. It 100% exits the genre that she went with on 'Ain't My Fault' and 'I Would Like', but still includes the killer vocals that Zara never fails to deliver.

Are we getting closer to the album? I'd like to hope so, because we've waited quite a while since 'So Good', which was released back in March 2017 (yes it was that long ago). But I'd rather her take her time, and make it perfect and better than before, than rush it and release something she's not happy with. If I was in her situation, I'd take the second option.

But obvs, we'd love the album now thanks :)

Give it a listen →Zara Larsson - All The Time

Our prayers have finally been answered, and the most anticipated collab has finally happened, for the second time! Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have teamed up to bring us 'Senorita'.

Alright, so, it's been about 3 and a half years since their last project 'I Know What You Did Last Summer', with fans instantly shipping them as soon as the song was released. The song was a very catchy, upbeat tune that sounded like it could feature in High School Musical (that's a big compliment). However, back then, even though they were pretty big in the music industry, they were still quite young. At the time, Shawn had just turned 17 and Camila was a few months off turning 19, so making a song like 'Senorita' wouldn't have been the most appropriate decision.

But now, it's VERY much appropriate. As over the years, they would've grown up and matured, with their friendship growing with them. And what a song it is. 

It's no secret that their fandom ships them like no other couple (even though they aren't one), and honestly I would too if they did get together, and this song really doesn't squash the constant relationship rumours. In my opinion, I don't think they should become a couple (don't hate me, I have my reasons) just for the fact that their friendship is so strong, and they're so comfortable together, that if they ended up becoming official, but then broke up, not only will their friendship potentially break but also the fandom, and also potential future collabs. And honestly, their like brother and sister, and that's probably how it should stay.

Honestly, Ellie Goulding's voice can suit literally any kind of genre and song. She's done ballads, dance anthems, pop anthems and now she's teamed up with American rapper Juice Wrld on an R&B pain-fuelled anthem that screams drama. This is 'Hate Me'...

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Ellie has ever collabed with a rapper on one of her songs before, has she? And why didn't she do it sooner, because her voice alongside Juice Wrld goes pretty perfectly, and it was the right decision having a feature on this type of track. Only for the fact that some artists add a feature onto the end of the song to either make it longer, or give them some sort of promo, but this tune 100% feels right with a rapper.

Ellie's done pretty much all the types of songs out there, relationships, heartbreak, falling in love, falling out of love, lust, loath, the list goes on. But she's never done a banger like this before, and I think we can all agree it was needed.

The route she's going down for this currently non-existent album (can you tell I'm impatient) is nothing like she's ever done before, and I'm intrigued, nervous and VERY excited to hear the finish project, which in an interview she said would be out this year. Yeah, I'm not betting on that one.

1 WEEK. Yes just 1 week to go until Ed Sheeran's new album is ours. I don't think anything could top his last effort 'Divide' in my opinion, but he can give it a good go. We've just been given the third snippet of the album 'Beautiful People' with one the most loved male artists at the moment, Khalid.

I get more and more intrigued whenever Ed Sheeran releases new music, because his lyrics are one of a kind, and I never know what topic he's going to cover next. Prime example is this new track, focusing on staying true to yourself, but every other artist would talk about insecurities and loving yourself and not worrying about what everyone around you thinks. However, in pure Ed style, he goes about it in a completely different way. Instead of it all being about looking in the mirror and loving yourself, he talks about issues such as staying true to yourself and not being caught up in the whole 'perfect' life that places such as social media accentuates. Also, the song continuously puts out the message about trying not to become one of those 'beautiful people' that obsesses over the way they look and how it could take over their life.

This is why I love Ed Sheeran, he goes about situations in very different ways, and because he's just a normal guy like everyone else, his lyrics are the most relatable of any artist, which is why he's the most popular male artist of all time. 

From the three songs we've got from his upcoming album 'No. 6 Collaborations Project', I've got very high expectations about what he's gonna bring. Speaking of the album, today we got TWO new songs from the album, 'Best Part of Me' and 'BLOW', and as a bit of a sneak peek, 'BLOW' is SO different to anything Ed has ever done, like so different. So make sure you're here for my best in music for July to see if I actually liked them...

Last, but by no means least, she's back (again) for ANOTHER collab, the third so far this year, wow this girl is in demand. Louisa started off the year with a collab with British DJs 'Sigma', then at the end of May she teamed up with Norwegian DJs 'KREAM', and now she's given us her third collab with DJ Steve Void, 'Ain't Got You'.

Louisa is obviously best known for winning the 12th series of 'The X Factor UK', and as we all know, not every winner sticks around for long. However, she's been pretty savvy and done her best to keep her name out there and build up her contacts. It's been well over a year since we've had any solo material from her, but she's been giving us these dance anthem collabs, and I ain't complaining.

Steve Void, born in the Netherlands, is a DJ and record producer, who started his career by making remixes of hits and posting them on Soundcloud, having his first hit of a remix of The Weeknd's 'Can't Feel My Face' which, in 2015, collated over 7 million plays in the first month of release, not too bad huh? over the past 4 years he's gone from strength to strength, now teaming up with his most prominent artist to date, Louisa.

This club-ready summer banger, is a story about someone you can't live without, especially a partner...cute. Honestly, this tune needs to be added to every summer and festival playlist, and deserves every success, so hopefully this becomes a big hit, fingers crossed...

Well, there we are, June rounded up. We've been treated a lot over the last couple of months music wise, and with Ed Sheeran's album coming in July, I'm sure there's a lot more to come our way...

See you next month!

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