Well then, where do I start?

It's been quite the four weeks for the fifth season of the ITV2 reality show, and has probably been the most shocking and emotional first four weeks of the whole show.

I ain't afraid to admit it, but I am a massive fan of Love Island, and is always the one checking twitter every second during an episode (and obvs tweeting), and have been since the 2016 series, which I still believe is the best series to date, and anyone can fight me on that one.

Anyway, back to 2019. Anyone else think that this year, it started out boring af? For the first two weeks, I felt like I could literally just turn it off and not care, which is saying something for me. The islanders came in a coupled up, same old. Two 'new' guys walked in that evening and had 24 hours to couple up with someone, pretty much same old. The drama just wasn't there. Especially with the Joe and Lucie and Tommy and Maura situations, there wasn't any juicy arguments or spats. If this was 2016, fists would've been flying by now (anyone remember Malia? that was a moment). In all honesty, it felt like they've edited out any major drama or told the islanders, if it felt like there was tension, to either talk it out or stay away from each other. Which I totally get why they've done that, from everything that's happened over the last year, I think they need a lot more support in dealing with their situations, so it's probably a good thing that they haven't shown most of the drama.

Speaking of Malia actually, the first proper scandal this year was the rumours behind Sherif being kicked out of the villa. It came as quite a shock to everyone when it was spread all over social media that Sherif (who was coupled up with Anna at the time) had been kicked out and won't be returning, or even featuring on the weekly spin-off show 'Aftersun'. So, after 8 days, something so drastic must have happened for him to be sent packing, and it was left to us to go digging around the internet to find the truth. ITV had said that he 'broke villa rules', so with villa rules being:

We all knew that in 8 days, Sherif couldn't have broken any of these rules, so it must've been something else that got him sent home. And then finally, it was revealed (from Sherif himself) that he had an 'altercation' with Molly-Mae during play fighting, and he accidentally hit her in the groin, and then soon after used very explicit language to describe what had happened. Fair enough. But what got fans pretty annoyed is that last year, Ellie used the same language towards Georgia, and she didn't get kicked out, don't know what's going on there.

Maura. Oh Maura. Probably the most bombshell of an islander the villa has ever let in. She didn't mess around when she strutted through them doors, she went straight down to business. Her eyes were firmly set on Tommy, even though he was (relatively) happily coupled up with Molly-Mae. To our surprise, Tommy actually went along with it all, and at one point I genuinely thought he was gonna ditch Molly for Maura, imagine what it would be like today if that'd actually happened! Thankfully, in the re-coupling he picked Molly, and we could all relax and delete all the angry tweets towards, just me?

I'm not being funny, after that it was pretty dead, and not much drama happened, which just ain't like Love Island.

But then...


For the past 2/3 years that Casa Amor has been a thing, it had been the most dramatic part of the show with endless twists and turns, and the most tweets I think I've ever sent. Not gonna lie, I thought this year was gonna be boring due to the fact that they've been cutting most of the drama out. Oh how wrong we were.

First of all, it was the girls turn to go to Casa Amor, leaving the boys in the villa. Second of all, the amount of heads that were turned was a bit ridiculous. It was like having 6 meerkats in the villa. The two couples that shocked us the most were Michael & Amber, and of course Curtis & Amy.

We all thought they were the next 'Jack and Dani' and that they would be the love story of the villa and make it all the way to the end. However, in an unexpected conversation with Tommy, Curtis revealed that he had been 'lying' to himself and Amy and that he doesn't see a future with her and doesn't see them getting married and having kids (which was in a later convo with Amy). Well, as you can imagine, Amy didn't take this lightly and was pretty heart broken. She ultimately left the villa in the most emotional and heartbreaking scenes Love Island has ever aired, earlier this week. However, she reassured us all that she is leaving on a high, with no hard feelings, and that her and Curtis will be the best of mates when they get out, phew.

Since her exit, the public has given Amy huge praise for putting her mental health before fame, and I genuinely think she did the right thing, and I hope that she finds her first every boyfriend, and I hope her and Curtis become the best of friends. Damn, them scenes made me sob, in fact, Amy and Curtis just make me sob in general.

I'm not gonna go to into the Amber and Michael situation because a) this post has already turned into a slight novel and b) it irritates me so much at the fact that Anna has been constantly having a go a Michael for what he did, even though she's doing the exact sameeeeee! I honestly just want Amber and Michael to get back together, because for me, Joanna isn't bringing anything to the villa or her and Michael. We never see them together, and they don't look like a proper couple. Him and Amber looked right together, but who knows what's gonna happen.

So, who do I think is going to win this year? Well, it's kind of an obvious answer for me, Tommy and Molly-Mae 100%. They're the first to go official (which was the cutest moment EVER) and the first to drop the L-bomb. And if they don't win, something's gone so wrong.

But it's Love Island, so things could drastically change within 24 hours...

At the end of the series, I'll be doing a proper round-up post, with my best and worst moments, my fave islanders, my thoughts on everyone and every situation and a sum up of the whole series. So watch this space for that one coming in a few weeks.


  1. I'm still up in the air on this show. Love that it's on so often so we can get to know them and to have something new to watch this summer!

    1. Exactly, been watching it since 2016, literally takes over my summer!

  2. Love this Jared ,properly summed it up -lucy g x