We all love a good day out in the sun, shopping, and consuming food from every restaurant we stumble upon. Manchester has always been my second home, and a place that I love to come to and willingly spend my money on clothes that I don't really need.

The other week, me and my mum decided to go for a day, see what was out there, and spend a day browsing. So in light of this, I'd thought I'd give you a run down of what went on and what I decided to buy.

For a while now, I've always been a bit more of an online shopper. It's just so convenient. You can stay at home, not leave your sofa, and the clothes are with you the next day.

However, for a day, I decided to actually leave the house to shop.

Going there, I didn't have any idea of what I wanted, but that's probably the best, because you then have an excuse to browse literally everywhere until you find something that catches your eye.

After hours of not finding anything that I liked (I'm quite picky), to my surprise, I ended up having major success in Zara.

I've never really bought anything from Zara before, mainly because we don't have one in Blackpool (we so should), but also I never really browsed their website either.

But I ended up buying 90% of the things that I went to try on. I'll leave the links to all the items if I can find them...(not an ad or affiliate)

Starting off with something simple, I picked up this plain white t-shirt, because it's an absolute staple and I didn't have one!

I bet some people have like 20 in their wardrobe, and I didn't even have one. But now I do, so we can chill.

You'll notice that I didn't take a pic of this one in the changing room, because I basically forgot, and it's a plain white t-shirt, how can you go wrong?

Zara basics are definitely some of the best quality I've ever tried, and also they wash so well. It's always worth spending that little extra to get something that will last a while.

Gotta take advantage of that fitting room lighting eh? I initially put this one back because it looked too big for me on the hanger. But it just goes to show that it's better trying things on, otherwise you'll never know.

I think this looks so good tucked into the trousers I was wearing, and is definitely a piece I'll get good wear out of.

Another jumper (no surprise there), you can never have too many! Anyway, this one is a collaboration between artist James Wilson and Zara, where he designed illustrations for t-shirts, sweatshirts and tote bags.

I love the simplicity of this, there's nothing too 'in your face', there's no irrelevant quote, it's just simple. I'm yet to understand what the illustration actually means, so I think I'm gonna have to do my research and educate myself on more of James Wilson's work.

For now, this will definitely be a staple piece in my wardrobe, and will most likely be a more 'night' outfit.

This one was definitely something different for me. I never really wear shirts, but I always used to see them in stores and online and was desperate to give one a go. So I picked this up on a whim, thinking it would look awful and that I was trying too hard to look cool, or it would be too big on me.

It wasn't, surprisingly. So I bought it, and now can't wait to have an occasion to actually wear it, which is pretty rare tbh.

Not sure if it goes with the trousers I'm wearing in the picture, but the last thing I bought in Manchester (which will be next), will most likely go pretty well.

The only item I didn't actually get from Zara was a pair of plain grey smart joggers. I've become slightly obsessed with these kinds of trousers lately, and I rarely wear jeans anymore. They're just so easy to style, they're comfortable, and go with pretty much everything.

These specific ones are from Topman, and once again, not taken in a changing room because I didn't actually try these on (shocker), but as soon as I got home, tried them on, and they were perfect.

Jeans who?

Get them here →Topman Smart Grey Joggers

And there we have it, my Manchester haul. I've now decided that Zara is my new favourite shop, and that I'm going to start a petition to get one in Blackpool, anyone with me?

Let me know if you like blog posts like this, where I share a sort of day in the life (when fun things happen), because I'll 100% do more!

Until next week...


  1. I absolutely love going shopping. Theres just something about it that makes me happy.

  2. You've picked some really great outfits and look awesome! Manchester will always be my second home too, I have always loved travelling back for days out. Great post darling! 💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x | www.alishavalerie.com

    1. Manchester is literally my fave place! Thank you for supporting! x

  3. i love the photos and i love the clothes you picked out, they look so nice! i always love a good shop and it's quite nice just being out and about when not shopping online! i'm glad you had a lovely day with your mum!

    p.s. just followed you on here and on twitter! can't wait to see more posts from you! 💘💘


    1. Exactly! Shopping online is convenient, but love looking around! Thank you for supporting! x

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