So, as I'm writing this, GCSE results day was yesterday, which was probably the most anticipated and nerve-wracking day in a lot of 16/17 year olds (and their parents) lives. It was only a year ago that I was crapping myself about seeing them. I didn't do what most teachers/schools would call "amazing", but I did amazing in my eyes. School was a struggle, I'm not the most academically gifted person in the world, but I got what I wanted, and that's the best thing.

So, are GCSE results really the key to your future?

A lot of people will be adamant that they are, exclaiming that you can't move through life unless you have decent GCSE grades, otherwise you're gonna get nowhere. Well, is that really true? That you won't be able to move through life unless some numbers or letters tell you you can?

Alright, we have to admit that if you want to pursue your dreams in a certain career, decent grades will get you a leg up and into the industry quicker, and a lot of employers find these grades admirable, and only pick the most academically advanced ones. Well, what I find admirable is that, if someone didn't get what they were hoping, but carried on working towards their dream, shows they're determined not to give up, and do whatever they can to get where they want to be. I think employers need to consider this when they're recruiting.

Before we delve deeper into the big wide world of job recruiting, let's focus on the next stage after high school, college. In many cases, colleges have certain grade boundaries to enter into their courses. They vary, and depend on what course you're looking to go for. For me, I take English Language, Sociology, and Media, all at A Level, so the GCSEs these courses were looking at were mainly English (which was the subject I got my best grade in). Even before all of this, colleges require you to have certain grades to even walk through the door, in my case it was 2 5s and 3 4s (2 Bs and 3 Cs), which luckily I just managed to get. If you don't end up getting the grades to even walk through the door, a lot of colleges do offer programmes that allow you to take a foundation year, then continue with your 2 years of study. So honestly, if you're stressing about how you're going to carry on if you didn't do so well at GCSE, there's always an option.

So, you've gone through GCSEs, gone through college, now what? Are recruiters gonna focus on my grades, are they gonna judge me just on them? Hopefully not. If they do, well, I wouldn't go there. Yeah, they may take them into consideration, but they should also focus on your personality and work ethic. On the down side, when you're applying for your first job, your CV isn't going to be bursting with experience, so you can't really shy away from your grades. However, you can make yourself shine when describing yourself and your interests, maybe I'll do a separate post of CVs, would that be something you'd want?

Like I mentioned before, personality is also a huge aspect of a job role. Take someone who is an absolute braniac, gained A*s and As, but has ZERO personality. Then take someone who came out with Bs, Cs & Ds, but has a big, bubbly personality, easy to get along with, and can spark a conversation with anyone from the boss, to a tree. Which one would you go for? I'll take personality any day. Honestly, who wants to sit with an awkward af colleague, who, when they speak to you, they're words just go in one ear, and out the other.

I understand that a lot of you will be panicking about the next step, if you didn't achieve brilliantly, and what lies ahead for you. Well, let me share these with you. We all know Sir Richard Branson and Lord Sugar don't we. Well, you'd think that they must've had the best education possible to be two of the most successful and richest people in the world. It's actually the complete opposite. Sir Richard Branson has dyslexia and no official qualifications, and now has an immense empire consisting of 400 companies, part of his Virgin Group. Now, Forbes has listed him with a net worth of $5.2 billion, and has been knighted for his services to entrepreneurship. Not bad eh? Well, as for Lord Sugar, king of the BBC show 'The Apprentice' and former owner of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, only ever had 1 GCSE and is now worth an estimated £1.15 billion. (Source:

This all honestly goes to show that, in life, GCSEs aren't the be-all and end-all of everything. Yes, they'll give you a bit of a heads up, and put you in the fast lane towards your goals. But if you are determined, and are working hard, you'll get where you want to be, without a doubt.

I'd love to hear what you got for your results, comment below!


  1. There's so much more to life than grades and tests and school. Of course education is important but we all learn in different ways and schools need to start realizing that! Great post x

    1. I 100% agree with you! Thank you for reading and commenting! x