Student life is tough, and I mean tough. So much pressure around everything. Growing up, grades, your future, we have a lot on our plate. With money being another weight on our shoulders.

It's a sort of weird in-between stage where you're old enough to have pretty much everything an adult has, yet you're earning way less money. Just to add to that, £9,000 a year will be coming up for uni. Fun times.

So we've got to be savvy, and take care of our money, and make sure it doesn't go down the drain the day after pay day.

There's probably plenty of posts out there with a similar topic, but I'm going to add my own spin on things (like always).

I can't stress this enough! As students, we are willingly given so many different discounts, savings, and basically free stuff, SO USE IT.

Apps like UNiDAYS, Student Beans are so good for discounts on so many brands, from 10% to sometimes 50%. If you're a student and you aren't using any of these, seriously, you could be saving tons of money.

I can honestly say that these services have saved me A LOT of money, and every time I'm about to buy something online, my brain instantly goes to these sites to see if there's a discount, and 99% of the time there is.


Is this a thing around the UK? I don't have a clue, but it's definitely a thing where I live. If you're not familiar with the term 'Monday Madness' (I'm not that familiar either, I'm a bit of a boring guy), it's basically where they have big offers on drinks every Monday, and people go mad for them.

I've included this as a tip, because even though it's cheap drinks, and a cheap night out, you're gonna be buying more drinks, because they're so cheap, with you ending up spending more money. 

Might be a bit of a pointless tip, but it all adds up in the end. Maybe go once a month, not every week, you'll soon see the difference.

When you first get a job, and you see ACTUAL money in your account, and more than you're used to, it's easy to go out and spend money on pretty much anything. You'll be out shopping, see something you like (but really don't need), and you'll end up buying it while saying to yourself "I get paid next week"...

Well don't.

Don't buy random s*** just because you now have the money to do so. The money you're earning could be going towards something better, like driving lessons, a car, or uni (how boring am I sounding right now). But it's true, you might only be spending little amounts, but they all add up in the end, be careful.

Following on from the last tip, save, save, save...

First off, if you don't have a savings account, GET ONE.

They're so helpful, and weirdly give you the motivation to save money (or is that just me). And it's a place where you can tell yourself to not touch.

It may make you a little bit sick to see the money going from your bank account into your savings every month, but believe me, when you see it building up, it'll be all worth it. Your future self will thank you.

If you're on the look out for a decent savings account, I'd say check with your bank first, they'll most likely offer different kinds of saving accounts with different interest rates, then everything is in one place. Or you could always go to a dedicated savings account at a different bank or building society, the choice is yours.

All these tips just fit in with one another, it's like I planned it...

Anyway, so you've got the job, you've got the money, you've opened the savings account, you're reluctantly transferring money into their each month, now it's time to get serious. Managing your finances.

Make sure you know what you're spending and paying for each month, and don't lose track, that could be disastrous. Most banks nowadays have online banking, if not an app. If you're with a bank that does this, utilise it to the MAX. They're majorly helpful, allowing you to see everything going in and out of your bank, your balance, and ease of transferring money wherever.

There's also a lot of apps out there that really manage your finances and tell you when you're spending too much (that's one for me), so maybe take a look at them as well, everything helps.

Last, but certainly not least is budget for EVERYTHING (and don't go over).

It's so easy to get caught up in the moment and spend more money than you intended, especially if you're out with friends and family, and you have people who go "buy it, buy it, buy it" and plant that thought into your head.

Well, take control of this, and set budgets for everything. By everything I mean, food, drinks, nights out, clothes, days out, and everything in between. This comes from managing your finances and working out how much you can afford, and setting a budget off the back of that.

If you go out without a budget, first of all, are you ok? and second, it's really not going to end well. So if you want to be smart with your money, and savvy with your savings, BUDGET!

There we are, my money saving tips for students. Student life is stressful, I know, but if we are careful and smart, we can still enjoy it!

Let me know if you liked this sort of post in the comments below...


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Until next week...


  1. Great tips!! I also looooove unidays, seriously such a good app for saving some cash on so many awesome brands! I love using my banking app to track how much money I'm spending on what, every month it divides what I've spent into all different categories like food, entertainment etc and its honestly so helpful!

    1. Unidays is literally the best, I'm gonna be sad when I can't have it anymore! Thank you for commenting and supporting x

  2. I can totally relate. When I was in college I did the same thing by staying on a budget. You are right, college can be a challenge. Great tips.

  3. Really useful tips for any students (and actually general life, tbh) — when I was at uni I did sometimes buy useless/unneeded items so that was useful to get out of that habit!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, sometimes you have to restrict yourself to thing you REALLY need, and not get things 'just in case' haha. Thank you for commenting! x

  4. Couldn't agree more! I definitely miss being a student and getting discounts on just about everything – another piece of advice I'd give is to not buy all of the books on your reading list straight away, because you may only use them a couple of times and you can always find a few copies in the library (if you're quick).

    1. Haha I'm going to take advantage of as many discounts as I can while I'm still a student! That is a good tip because the books can be so expensive. Thank you for commenting! x

  5. Love this post Jared!! I blew my money so fast in my first two years of uni and I'm really trying to budget and be better this year so your tips will definitely be handy. Your tip about student discount is sooo important, get your discounts while you can haha xx

    1. Thank you so much! Honestly, student discounts are a life saver haha! Thanks for commenting x