It's safe to say, wires are out. Well, nearly out. Wireless headphones/earphones are taking over, and are quickly becoming the norm for everyone. So, after a long debate with myself, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and treat myself to a pair of AirPods.

For a while, every time I walked down the street, I was guaranteed to see at least one person sporting a pair of AirPods, and now I've joined the pack. Even though they've been around for a couple of years, they're still the most popular, go-to choice for wireless earphones. So, I thought I'd discuss the question; 'are they still worth it in 2020?', let's find out...


Alright, so I'm gonna be honest, they're not the cheapest. For £159, there are cheaper alternatives out there if you don't want to break the bank. However, in my opinion, if you're an avid music consumer, they're definitely worth the price. For me, I listen to music every day, without fail, and I feel they've enhanced the experience even more. 

Apple does have a couple of options out there for everyone. The ones I have here, are your bog-standard AirPods that came out at the end of 2016. However, they have a wireless charging case version and the new 'AirPods Pro' that came out late last year. Personally, I think the new pros are for if you exercise or run often, as they're waterproof. This version I have are pretty perfect for me, the design, the sound etc. (which I'll get more into later). 

So, as for the price, if you're more of a 'now and then' music/media consumer, then I'd recommend sticking with the wires or searching elsewhere for a cheaper wireless alternative. If you're like me and you're an 'every day no matter what' type of consumer, then I'd 100% recommend them. 

Design and Fit

For me, I prefer the design of the classic AirPods compared to the new versions. This version I feel is sleeker, more modern, and just an all-rounder. 

If you're used to the Apple EarPods that was introduced alongside the iPhone 5 back in 2012, then you won't notice a single difference (apart from the disappearance of the wires obvs). The fit is exactly the same, comfortable, lightweight, and won't fall out of your ear, which was a concern I had when decided to buy them, but rest assured (so far), they haven't decided to fall out.

Like I mentioned previously, you can get a version of these AirPods with a wireless charging case, however, I didn't as that's around £40 extra, but they are both the same size. Regarding the size, they're so easy to carry around, can fit in your pocket and bag, and won't end up getting in the way. So if you're going on a road trip, travelling on a plane, walking to work, whatever you may be up to, they'll definitely be essential.

And as you can see, I got them engraved with my initials, which is completely free to do, and also adds that little personal touch!

Connectivity and Usage

One aspect of the AirPods, and Apple for that matter, is how easy their products are to connect and link to each other. For these, you turn Bluetooth on, open the lid and voila, connected. No faffing, no waiting for them to connect, just quick, easy and simple.

As for the connection during usage, personally, I think it's strong and I rarely experience any glitches or wobbles during playback. I have read that Bluetooth version 5.0 is better to have, but I haven't noticed any interference using version 4.2, so who knows. 

Using the AirPods is super simple and handy. Obviously, the aim of wireless headphones is to not have to pull your phone out frequently to change the track, take calls etc. and these earphones really don't disappoint. To change the track, simply double-tap the top of the earphone, to take a call, firstly Siri will alert you, then double-tap the top to answer. Finally, to use Siri, simply say 'Hey Siri', which may look a bit strange in the middle of the street, but who cares eh.

The battery was a question I kept asking myself and searching about because I didn't have high expectations for long battery life. Nevertheless, it's not too bad. I wouldn't say I was pleasantly surprised, because it's not the best in the world. The battery of the Airpods when fully charged is around 5 hours of constant use. Along with a fully charged case, you could probably get around 24 hours of constant use. Obviously, it all depends on usage, as personally, I don't constantly use them 24/7, so they would last a bit longer, so I charge the case around every 3 days.

A little tip, if you have the battery widget on your iPhone (and iPad), you can see the charge status of the individual AirPods and the case, so you'll always be on top of charging!

AirPods Case

Not always a necessity when buying the AirPods, but a case could come in handy if you travel a lot or keep throwing them in and out of your bags and pockets.

For me, as I bought the AirPods straight from Apple themselves, I decided to buy one from them, just for the convenience. The case I decided to go for was the Catalyst Waterproof Case for £26.95 (expensive, I know), however, I knew that I'd rather spend a bit more on a case that wouldn't break within the first month. Obviously, there are cheaper cases that you can get from Amazon, eBay etc. so you could always go down that route. 

The case provides drop and water protection and has a clip so that you'll never misplace your AirPods again. Personally, I've not swum the ocean with them or thrown them off the top of The Shard, but who knows?

I can't give that much of an in-depth review, however so far for everyday use, the case has been pretty decent, and if you want that extra bit of protection, I'd definitely recommend paying that bit extra

Let me know your opinions on AirPods, and if you think they're still worth it!


  1. It's was really cool at first till i noticed that i had some scratches in my right ear! Maybe i was wearing hem too much ... but i stopped !!

  2. I've been meaning to get myself some wireless earphones but I haven't got around to it yet. Like you I'm a bit worried that they won't stay in my ears but the fact that you mentioned that they fit so well definitely makes me think I should go for it and get some! x