So far in 2020, we've been spoilt with tons of new music releases. In light of this, I'd thought I'd share the songs that I currently cannot get enough of!

(This was so hard to choose btw)


Since 'Rare' came out, it's the album I've constantly gone back to, and pretty much the album I'm obsessed with right now. However, as much as I love ALL the songs on the album, there's one that I just can't get enough of.

Dance Again. As soon as I heard the first 5 seconds, it instantly gained a place in my playlist. It's a song that makes you want to get up and move, yet also has a deep meaning towards it.

I keep hoping that one day she'll release a music video for this song. Think how epic that would be!


A comeback queen. It's been a little while since we've had a new album from Meghan, so when she released 'TREAT MYSELF' at the end of January, I was very intrigued to see what direction she's going in. Let me tell you, I wasn't disappointed.

It was rumoured for a while that she was going to release a song with Nicki Minaj at some point, whether it be a single, or on the album. Then 'Nice To Meet Ya' was born, and it's a TUNE.

I don't think anyone would've been disappointed with a collab between these two. The music video is just as good. However, the fact that this didn't even make it into the top 10 is a crime.


I genuinely only found out that Billie was doing the James Bond theme song the day before it was going to be released, and I was ECSTATIC.

I've been a fan of Billie for about a year. Ever since she released her debut album last year. Then my love for her grew even more when she released 'everything i wanted'. What a song. 

Now this Bond theme song has just gone right to the top. Her voice fits this perfectly. The lyrics, the melody, it's all there. Some people, on the other hand, have said that this isn't the best Bond song they've heard, which is fair enough. Both Adele and Sam Smith won Oscars for their theme songs, but I have no doubt that this song won't go away without an award.


Grace is best known for coming runner up on The X Factor (UK) 2017 to winners Rak-Su. She signed with Simon Cowell, and then sort of disappeared for a while.

However, the wait was SO worth it, because, at the end of January, she finally released her debut single 'Invisible'. The song has a strong mental health message about how nobody can see the damage it causes, because it's 'invisible', unlike a physical injury.

When she was on The X Factor, she performed countless original songs, and a lot of them climbed high up on the iTunes chart. This needs the same support as all her others, because this is just as good, possibly even better!


Of course, I couldn't just include one Meghan Trainor track, they're just too good! 

This one was actually released pre-album as a 'promotional' single, and it's such an anthem. If you're a big fan of self-love bops, or you just fancy a song to shout out loud, this won't disappoint.

The whole of the 'TREAT MYSELF' album is a must-listen. In my opinion, it's one of her best yet but won't live up to my all-time fave 'Thank You', if you've never listened that that album, you're missing out big time.

Have a listen → Meghan Trainor - Blink (Audio)


Future Nostalgia the album is literally just a month away now, and I've never been more ready. Since her first album, and the whole 'New Rules' era, she's has massively stepped up her game both visually and musically.

This era, with the design of the single and album covers and the vibe of the music, is so throwback disco, and I'm LOVING it!

Out of the three songs Dua's released so far off of her new album, 'Physical' has got to be my favourite. It'll make you just want to get up and dance every time it comes on, and nowadays I think we need music like this.

Her second album 'Future Nostalgia' is released on April 3rd, and I'm counting down the days...


Last but by no means least, Sam Smith is back and better than ever. 'To Die For', the title track of his upcoming album, was released back on Valentine's day and it's a song that a lot of us didn't know we needed.

In an interview, he said it's a song about "feeling alone and like you're on the outside watching everybody else" (Zane Lowe for Apple Music), which a lot of people will be able to relate to. Especially nowadays with the likes of Instagram and everybody's so-called 'perfect' lives, we need lyrics like this.

Sam's third album 'To Die For' is going to be released on May 1st.

And there we have it, the seven songs that I currently have on repeat (no doubt this will probably change in about a week). If you'd like me to do updated versions of these, let me know!

Leave in the comments some on the songs you can't stop listening to ↓


  1. Sam Smith - To Die For is such a brilliant tune!

  2. Just downloaded half these songs because I want to listen to them on the way home from work! Thank you for the suggestions!

    1. Amazing, your welcome! Hope you love them! x