For a lot of us, motivation will be quite a struggle nowadays. There's a lot of uncertainty in the world, and there's a lot of worry going around. So in light of this, I decided to put together a playlist full of my fave motivational bops, that I'm sure will get you ready to face the day!

Feel free to blast this from your home, your work, or relax with your headphones in, whatever you like!

(Playlist is linked in the pictures!)

If you'd like me to do any more music-related posts, comment below with any suggestions! ↓

I hope this playlist makes your day that little bit easier to get through and that it puts a smile on your face. In the current situation, it's important to try and take some time out for yourself, so get in your fave comfies, put the speakers on loud and sing at the top of your lungs (but try not to annoy the neighbours!).

Stay home, stay safe and be kind!

Until next time...