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My skincare routine has never really been stable and has changed so many times over the years. I've tried countless face washes, moisturisers, you name it, I've probably tried it. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I've done quite a few posts regarding skincare (some are now deleted...), and I've struggled to find a routine that I can stick to, with products that I actually like. 

However now, I think I've finally found a routine that works for my skin, with products that aren't ruining it and making me want to throw them out the window. 

I know that now isn't really the time to think about skincare, but we've gotta find the little positives in life at the moment, and give ourselves a little pamper eh?!

Over the last few years, I've gone from charcoal face washes, to spot fighting ones, from brand to brand, and I never found that one that just works, you know what I mean?

So I decided to go back to basics, forget all the spot/blemish-fighting ones because I felt like they were stripping my skin and making my face feel so tight and dry. 

Current Skincare Favourites

Bulldog is a brand I've used for a little while and really love! They're vegan, cruelty-free, and are made in the UK (tick, tick, tick). This is something I always try and look for when trying new brands. I have used a few of Bulldog's products in the past, and it's always a brand I end up going back to, that's when you know you love something!

This face wash features ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Camelina Oil and Green Tea, and leaves your face feeling cleansed and hydrated. A lot of face washes that I've tried in the past leave my face feeling very tight and uncomfortable, however, this one doesn't make my skin feel tight, it's a pretty pleasant experience. 

The scent is made up of natural ingredients, with a unique blend of 8 essential oils. With citrus top notes and woody base notes, it gives a light, fresh masculine scent. I really love the scent of this face wash. It's not too 'in your face', yet it isn't an unpleasant smell, like some washes I've tried.

This is 100% a face wash I'm going to use for a long time! I have quite spot prone skin and it doesn't break me out or irritate my skin at all!

Current Skincare Favourites

When using a new moisturiser, I take into consideration 2 things. Does it break me out or irritate my skin? and does it keep my face hydrated for a long time? Because a couple of moisturisers I've used in the past have made my skin look dry an hour after I applied it, not the best. And I can safely say this moisturiser does those 2 things.

B. Men are Superdrug's own brand of men's skincare. Featuring everything from beard oil to moisturisers, to face washes and face scrubs. It was a brand I was a bit reluctant to try, not for any particular reason, just because it was an 'own brand', and there are quite a few stigmas around 'own brand' products. However, I think this product has now made me think otherwise!

There are a couple of moisturisers in the range, there's hydrating, anti-ageing, and the one I have is the 'face and stubble' moisturiser. Like my face wash, this moisturiser is vegan and cruelty-free. It hydrates and energises dry, tired and dull-looking skin, and contains an energising active complex that helps to prevent and reverse the signs of tired skin to give you a more refreshed look. I apply this after washing my face, and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated, soft and smooth and has a pleasant fragrance to it as well!

For some reason, I couldn't find this exact one on Superdrug's website, so I've linked (above the picture) a very similar one if that's ok? However, I'm pretty sure it's still available in stores as I bought a new one only a couple of days ago (obviously while keeping to social distancing guidelines).

Current Skincare Favourites

To be honest, I was a bit hesitant to include this one as would you class it as skincare? Oh well, I'm including it anyway because I LOVE it!

'House 99' is David Beckham's grooming brand, named after the year that saw many incredible events in his life, from getting married to Victoria to becoming a father. The range features everything from hair & styling products, to body washes, face washes, toners, moisturisers, beard grooming products and deodorants. 

If I'm honest, the range is a bit more on the expensive side with this beard oil coming in at £22. However, paying that little bit more does mean that you know you're going to get that premium product feel, and this one definitely proves it.

This beard oil, packed with shea oil, deeply nourishes and tames the beard, leaving it feeling soft and 'fresh out of the barbers' as they imply. I do really notice a difference, not that I have much of a beard (lol), but with the fresh cedarwood scent it makes you feel a little bit more put together and uplifted

One of the things that I love about this product, is that it doesn't feel greasy or heavy, and soaks in pretty much immediately. So there's no uncomfortable feeling on your face after you've applied it.

Even though it is on the pricier side, I would highly recommend this to anyone who is on the hunt for a beard oil that actually works!

And there we have it, my current skincare favourites! Let me know your thoughts and if you enjoyed this post in the comments, and if you want me to do any more skincare related posts in the future ↓ 

Be kind, stay home and stay safe!

Until next time...



  1. Great recommendations! It’s so refreshing to see a man doing a skincare post. I also love getting products which are cruelty free, vegan and from uk. Its quite uncommon though x

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately it is uncommon, but I always try and use cruelty free products as much as possible!

  2. Might have to get my other half that beard oil.


  3. I bought bulldog for my other half sbos got really lovely skin as it is and he's really liked using it. He's growing his beard out during lockdown so perhaps I'll gift him some beard oil on payday.

    1. Bulldog is such an affordable and good quality brand! Would definitely recommend it!