Let's be honest, Netflix has become a regular occurrence in a lot of our lives right now and has probably helped keep us entertained over these last few weeks. It's certainly kept me entertained, that's for sure. 

In this post, I've decided to put together what I've watched/currently watching and would recommend to you, and what's on my watchlist next! Even though it isn't the most productive thing right now, TV is an amazing way to switch off and forget the outside world for a few hours!

What I've Watched/Currently Watching

If I'm honest, I'm not constantly on the Netflix bandwagon. As soon as a new show is released, everyone starts watching it, and I'd say I'm about half a year behind lol. However, with 'Too Hot To Handle', I was straight on that one. As a big fan of 'Love Island', shows like this are right up my street. And I became obsessed straight away! I won't spoil what happens, but if you're like me and have a big 'Love Island' shaped hole in your life, 'Too Hot To Handle is the one for you.

Both 'Bad Education' and 'After Life' will make you cry both ways. They're hilariously funny, yet quite emotional (call me a wimp, that's fine). Especially 'After Life', damn did that last episode of series 1 get me in all the feels (I've not finished series 2 yet, so don't spoil it please). 

As for 'Doctor Who', I've been a massive fan for about 13 years, and basically can't and never will get enough of it. If you've always wanted to sit down and actually start watching it, now is the time! Granted, there are quite a few episodes...but you won't regret it.

What's On My Watchlist

I've got so many shows on my watchlist, it's actually a bit overwhelming. Does anyone else feel like that? I just end up adding show after show, and then it ends up becoming overwhelming so I don't watch any of them.

There are a lot more shows than this that I want to watch, but to be honest, it'll probably be about a year until I even think about that. 

Recently, I've seen SO many rave about 'Ozark', so naturally I become curious and decide to investigate and watch the trailer. I always love a good gripping thriller, so this was added to my list without hesitation. As for when I get around to watching it, that's a different conversation...

I'm a massive fan of X Factor, yep I'm ready for the boos, go ahead. But I love it. So as X Factor isn't going to be on TV until at least the end of next year, American Idol caught my attention. Talent shows are my guilty pleasure, so American Idol is right up my street, and if you share the same love as me, I'd recommend giving it a go as well! 

I know, I know, everyone and their mother has probably watched 'Black Mirror' by now, but as we've discussed I'm quite slow, alright. However, it's a show that I'm 100% going to get round to watching (maybe even next on my list...) because sci-fi and all that sort of shiz is something I LOVE.

As for 'The Stranger', EVERYONE seems to be obsessed with it right now. I did watch 'Safe' quite a while back which was insane, so as they're both based on the books written by Harlan Coben, I guess I'm halfway there?

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe found a new show to binge?! Let me know if you want me to do any more TV posts in the comments ⇣ 

Be kind, stay home and stay safe!



  1. Loved this! I am constantly binge watching so these were great! Afterlife got a solid 12/12 I cried at all 12 episodes it's such a great show! I want to get into the stranger! I definitely recommend Outer Banks as well!!

    1. Same, Afterlife literally made me sob! I've literally seen everyone watching The Stranger, I feel like I'm going to be last one to watch it haha

  2. Thank you so much for this guide! We've run out of things to watch across all our subscriptions!

  3. Dead To Me and Ozark are awesome, you'll enjoy them. Also check out Dynasty its full of sass and try New Girl as it's light hearted and funny.

    Let me know how you get on with Dead To Me 😊


    1. I'm excited to start watching them both! I've heard good things about Dynasty, I'll definitely be adding it to my list!