Exactly 1 week ago today I stumbled into adulthood and officially turned 18 (woo).

So in celebration of this milestone, I've decided to put together a few life lessons that I've learned over the last 18 years of my life.

Here goes...

1. Not everything will go your way.

Just let life take its course, and don't get stressed when it doesn't go how you planned.

2. It's OK to ask for help.

You can't do everything in life on your own, you're going to need help sometimes, and that's ok.

3. Embrace Change.

Change is inevitable in every aspect of life, it's how you grow. Don't worry, go with the flow. (Poet and I didn't know it...)


DO IT. You'll thank yourself in the long run.

5. Don't take everything to heart.

Lighten up sometimes, otherwise you'll get yourself worked up all the time.

6. I am NOT a morning person.

Absolutely not. I can stay up past midnight easy, but getting up before 8am, no thanks.

7. To be grateful for what I have.

I'm very lucky, and I need to appreciate that a lot more and not wish that I had this or that.

8. Friends will come and go.

Some will teach you lessons, some you will grow apart from, some will stay with you forever and some you'll just need to let go of for whatever reason. 

9. You can't please everyone.

Along the same lines as friends will come and go. You are you, don't change for anyone. If they like you, great, if they don't, that's their loss.

10. Don't be a sheep, DO YOU!

I'm giving credit to my dad for this one, I've lost count at how many times he told me this, but it's true. If you follow what everyone else is doing, it won't make you happy, do whatever you want to do and build the life YOU want.

11. P.E is NOT for me.

I was never good at P.E in school. Happily do a workout on my own at home, but having to play football, rugby and all of that in front of everyone, not a chance.

12. There's no need to get stressed at everything.

I really need to calm down sometimes, like seriously.

13. The Doctor isn't actually from Gallifrey.

Any fellow Doctor Who geeks out there? Series 12 finale, that's all I'm saying...

14. Don't compare yourself to others.

One I'm still working on. Instagram isn't real life 90% of the time. Not everyone has glowing skin and a six pack. Embrace yourself.

15. Stick up for yourself, don't let someone control you.

Another one I'm still working on. I'm too nice sometimes and let people walk all over me. Not anymore.

16. If you spread positivity, it'll come back to you.

No room for negative Nancies over here.

17. Step out of your comfort zone.

I once read a quote by Ray Lewis and it said "Before anything great is really achieved, your comfort zone must be disturbed", and I'm now realising that. Uni here I come...

18. Everything happens for a reason.

All those past experiences have played a part in getting you where you are now. Whether those were good experiences or bad ones, they made you who you are today, don't forget that.


  1. This is such a lovely post; and it's really nice to get to know you better! I think you've learnt some great things here - and you seem set up to go a long way in the future.

    Paige // Paige Eades

    1. Thank you! I've definitely learnt a lot in a relatively short amount of time. As for the future, I'd say I know what path I want, but you never know what's around the corner!

  2. Happy Birthday! I now feel old! It took me ages to learn to live life for me and that what other people think of me is none of my business!

    1. Thank you! You shouldn't let other people's opinions get in your way, it's not worth it!

  3. Number 4 is extremely important!

  4. Such a great post, keeping it authentic I am sure you are!

    How I wish I blogged at this time, such wisdom!