Well then, here we are. In 3 weeks time I'm going to be flying the nest and ending an 18 year era to begin a hopefully thrilling new one. Nervous is an understatement to be honest. This time last year I wouldn't have believed that I would be in the situation I'm in now, I probably would've told you to get lost.
Moving out of your parents/carers home is probably one of the biggest life events to ever happen. It's the moment your independence sky rockets and you're let loose into the big wide world (eek). You'll have to manage food shops, paying bills, and generally handling whatever life decides to throw at you. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a tiny bit excited about this new adventure, but ultimately my stomach turns over every time I think about it.
Granted I'm not going the full way and moving out to live on my own and pay every bill, I'm moving into student accommodation where all of that stuff is handled a bit easier. That doesn't take away the fact that even though it's not the whole shebang, it's still a massive life stepping stone. 

The Build-Up

The part where every emotion creeps in. You're scared, terrified, anxious, nervous, yet ready and raring to go, my heads pretty much all over the place. I've known that this was going to happen for about nine months now. For some people that time might have been a lot longer, but for me, this has been in the works for nine months.

For a while it didn't really sink in as it was kind of a last minute decision. Even though it feels like the right one, it took me a while to process that it was happening. To be honest, it still probably won't hit me fully until moving day, that's when everything really starts. 

Obviously I've never moved out before, so the 'buying stuff for my room' process was a joy. I made my first ever trip to IKEA, and now I want to buy the whole shop. I never knew I'd ever be giddy over duvets, different types of pillows, mugs, wardrobe organisers, reusable straws, and mattress protectors. I guess that's my life now eh.

For me personally, I know moving out will be a bit of a struggle at first, finding my feet and knowing how to look after myself properly, but that's all part of the journey, and I'm ready to get going.

Living With Strangers

Will we get on? Well, I hope so. That question has been lingering around in my head for a while now, and I've been thinking about it a lot. The normal thing that happens when most people move out for the first time, is they either move out on their own, or live with friends. But no, I'm diving in head first and sharing a flat with 3 people I've never met before.

I'm not really that much of a 'social bird' or 'mingler' if you will. I like hanging out with friends or meeting some new people, but having to live with them and let them see the real, true, slightly weird me, now that's a bit daunting. I wouldn't say I'm difficult to get along with, but I do have quite a dry, sarcastic sense of humour and some people may find that annoying, but you know what, who cares. If they don't like me, that's their problem. A couple of us have been messaging back and fourth and we've slowly been getting to know each other, which is going well so far, so we'll see what happens on moving day...

You're On Your Own Now

Obviously I'm going to be a blubbering mess when it comes to the time where my mum and dad drive back home, it's natural. I think everyone will feel that way even if they don't show it. Letting go of a comfort bubble you've been used to for a long time, and finding your own feet in the real world is a difficult transition for a lot of us.

For the first few days I'll probably be thinking to myself...

"What have I done?"

"Why have I done this to myself?"

Then hopefully I'll calm down a little and settle in. 

Technically I'm not actually going to be on my own, as I'll be sharing a flat with 3 other people, but it's like that feeling of being alone in a crowded room. Everyone will be on their own individual journey, but you're doing it surrounded by other people. There's no doubt that we'll help each other out though, especially when it comes to cooking (i.e. everyone will have to help me because I've got no bloody clue how to turn the oven on).

As much as the real world slightly terrifies me, I'm excited to just get going and see what happens!

Are any of you reading right now going to university this year? If you are let me know!

Of course I'll be bringing you all along with me on this journey, and sharing all my thoughts and feelings over the next 3 years, so stay tuned for all those posts!


  1. I think it's a big step moving in with people you don't know - I lived at home for my uni years so I didn't have to worry about moving out! I hope you enjoy uni, although I'm sure with covid everything is going to be a bit different for you. Good luck!

    1. It is such a big step! Yeah it will be different because of Covid, but I'm just going to make the most of the experience and try and focus on the positives!

  2. Good luck Jared, I'm sure you will be absolutely fine when moving out! x

    Lucy |

  3. I'm moving into my student accommodation in 3 weeks and I'm so nervous!! But I'm so excited to collect my keys and put my room together. Good luck and I'll be thinking of you when I'm moving in too!! All the preparation will pay off !xxx

    1. I'm the same, I'm terrified but so excited to put my room together and be independent! Awh that's so kind, massive good luck to you too, and I'm sure you'll have the best time! xx

  4. Great post and good luck! I remember when I was moving out at 18 to go to college, and had to dorm with a complete stranger, and find my way around in a different surrounding. It’s definitely frightening but exciting and I think you’ll learn to love the new independence and twists that come along with moving out