In just about a months time, a lot of students will be swapping high school for college and starting the, what I like to call, 'weird in-between stage'. For me, 2 years ago I was in the same situation, and frankly quite terrified to start this new chapter.

I feel like a lot of students who are about to start college think that it's going to be a lot more relaxed, the work will be easier (because you've chosen the subjects), and that it's basically going to be a breeze. Well, for the majority of us, it's not. Yeah, you'll have a lot more 'free time' than in high school, and the days aren't necessarily as structured and routine based, and that 'free time' will most likely be filled with work...a lot of it. 

In light of this, I'd thought I'd share a few things that I wish I'd known before starting college, and hope that this gives you, if you're are about to start college, and bit of a head start in the 2 year journey you're about to embark on.

It Ain't Anything Like High School.

At the start, I don't think I properly processed just how different it actually is. In high school you're used to wearing the same uniform everyday, having very structured days with lunch and breaks at the same time, and you pretty much know of everyone in your year.

Well that all changes.

I'll go into more depth about my experiences in the other points, but as an overall, your days aren't as structured, you're not in lessons all day everyday, you can obviously wear what you want (which was sometimes an absolute pain), and you will never end up knowing over half of your year. 

So basically, the only thing that stayed the same for me is that I was still sat in a class being taught by a teacher.

There's No 'Family' Vibe Going On.

I touched on this briefly in the last point, that you won't end up knowing half of your year, and that makes you feel kind of apart from everyone, and a lot more independent. 

I don't know about you, but in high school didn't all the teachers refer to the school as being a 'family'. Ring any bells? I'm sure they did. Even throughout primary school as well, the teachers always referred to us as being a family, and everyone sort of knew everyone. However in college, that all goes out the window.

Because the days aren't as structured, and everyone has lessons at different times, you rarely see anybody else apart from who's in your class. For me, there isn't a prominent 'family' vibe, and it sort of feels as though you're on your own (not as scary as it sounds). To be fair, it's probably for the best, as it does make you feel a lot more independent than high school, and you feel like you're able to handle a lot more responsibility. Plus the days are shorter, who doesn't like that?

They Love Throwing Work At You. 

Let me tell you, it's a lot.

Not to scare anyone (sorry), but the work load, depending on what subjects you take, is considerably larger than high school. Obviously, it's expected as you're only there for 2 years (a year and a half in my case, bloody corona). 

Homework will normally be due in a day or two as well, so make sure you manage your time well otherwise you'll get yourself a bit overwhelmed. Obviously how challenging the work is all depends on the subject you take. It could be quite a bit, but also could only be a little task. We all hope for the latter.

All I'd recommend you do is keep track. There's nothing worse than getting into class, and you just realised you had homework due for that day. Believe me, we don't want to be there. Maybe get yourself a planner, or even use your calendar or reminders on your phone, anything like this will keep you organised.

2 Years Feels Like 2 Months.

Blink and you'll miss it basically.

Everything in college is just go, go, go. You go through the content so fast that if you have just one day off, you feel like you've missed about a month. Like I said in the previous point, if you're organised then you'll be fine, take your time, and don't stress yourself out.

It actually amazed me just how quick it went, I feel like it's just all been a blur. So much has happened in the last 2 years, that I'd say to anyone who's just about to start college, try and enjoy the process. Even though you will probably feel stressed and overwhelmed sometimes, it's an experience, so don't take it for granted.

It goes way faster than high school, be prepared...

Welcome To The Loungewear Fashion Show.

It's comfy, so why wouldn't you?

Me being me, everyday I would always think about what outfit I'm going to wear (because obvs there's not uniform at college), as I thought everyone would be doing the same. Well, it didn't last very long.

In my experience, pretty much everyone was sporting some sort of loungewear after the second week. College isn't a fashion show, no one really gives one about what people think about what they're wearing, you literally just want to be as comfortable as possible. It does feel a bit strange though, wearing your own clothes after years of wearing a uniform. It's like one constant non-uniform day.


  1. I went to college and I agree with all these points! School didn't prepare me for college and the amount of work it would bring with it! Also it does go by in a flash doesn't it?! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  2. I'm at the same point too where I've done 2 years of school, and I'm just wondering how did it do by so fast. I definitely agree that it's less of a family vibe and you're way more independent, which can be lonely and empowering.

    - Gigi