If you have any questions or queries about these disclaimers or require any other information don't hesitate to contact me on my email jareddavies02@gmail.com.

Google Analytics.

This website uses Google Analytics to analyse traffic. This means that your IP address and user agent are shared with Google, with performance and metrics to create an enhanced user experience, ensure quality of service and generate usage statistics.


Within this website and my posts I may provide links to other websites via a hyperlink. Even though I will only ever strive to provide quality links, I am not responsible for or have any control over the content of these external sites. These sites will provide their own terms and privacy policy, and I would make sure that you understand what that websites intentions are before engaging in the site or uploading any personal information.

Opinions / Brand Work.

Throughout all of my blog posts, all of my views and opinions are my own. The opportunity and privilege to work with brands hasn't come around just yet, so any opinions I share are my personal ones. 

Any product/service I mention/write about is because I have personally tried and tested it, and feel as though it should be spoken about.

Thank you for understanding.

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